Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hacking Workshop!

Welcome back folks! Wednesday, January 26th's workshop will be on hacking electronics. 

 It will be at 6pm in Clark A202.

You will need to bring, along with your computer and Arduino, an old keyboard with a PS2 connector.  The PS2 connectors look like this:
If you don't have a keyboard at home, you can get one for around $3 at a thrift shop.  It may be worth the time to ask ENS and computer lab directors to see if they have an extra one you can have for free.
If you have them, please bring wire cutters and an exacto (hobby) knife.

To make things go faster, you should cut off the PS2 connector close to the connector, strip back the outside sheath by 5 inches and strip each wire by a about an inch.

Your wire should look like this:
______________________          5 inches                   1 inch
                                           |===========wire===--------exposed wire
         cable                          |===========wire===--------exposed wire
_____________________|==========wire====---------exposed wire

I will supply wire and connectors to connect the keyboard to your Arduino.

See you there!