There is more information in the Rules and Background section. This page is meant to be a quick look at the competition.

Download the 2014 Informational PowerPoint Here.
Download the kit contents sheet Here.

The idea behind the competition is simple: Design and build something interesting.  There is no specific prompt, so you can create whatever you think would be fun to make.

As a lot of participants wont have much technical knowledge, there will be workshops once a week starting in October.  They will focus on things like basic circuits, programming, project design, hacking (yes, hacking), and a variety of things you will need to make a killer project.

1) You are asked to limit your budget to a set budget.

Team Sizes:
There is no minimum or maximum number of people in a team. It is, however, recommended that you get a couple people to work with.  It makes it a lot easier to get things done and make interesting things when you do.

Who can participate:
Anyone from any major and any year that is enrolled as a student at Colorado State University during the 2014-2015 year may participate in the competition.  Anyone from Industry, Academia, or Research may ask to judge, sponsor, or help with events.

The cost is free, unless you purchase a kit, which is $35.

There will be workshops starting in October and the judged event in March.

Judging will be done by industry representatives and engineers as well as professors and possibly grad students.  Judging is done to a numerical rubric and scores are compiled at the end.

Prizes are currently being determined, but traditionally the 3 best projects get cash prizes.

A basic report of your project, including your schematics, code, design, as well as any sources you used will be required.  This doesn't need to be anything fancy, but it is needed for judging purposes.