Thursday, October 31, 2013

Open Design Competition Arduino Workshop 2 - Introduction to Arduino Programming TUESDAY, 11/5 at 7pm!

We will be having our second Arduino Workshop of the year this Tuesday, November 5th at 7pm in Engineering 100! This workshop will be about programming - we will go over everything you need to program your Arduinos and then make our own Hangman game! 

Similar to last workshop, make sure to bring your kit and a fully charged computer with the Arduino IDE software on it. If you still need to purchase a kit and/or breadboard we will have both at the workshop available for purchase. If you missed the first workshop you can visit our in-depth guide here:

See you then!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introduction to Arduino (Workshop 1) - Detailed Guide

**If you have not purchased a kit and/or breadboard and would like to do so, please email me and we can arrange for you to do so. This workshop guide assumes you have purchased an Arduino kit or have an Arduino Uno.**

Workshop/Guide Contents:

I. Arduino Kit Contents
II. Introduction to the Arduino Uno
III. Installing the Arduino Software
IV. The Arduino IDE
V. Demo Part 1 - Hello World!
VI. Demo Part 2 - On-Board LED Blink
VII. Demo Part 3 - External LED Blink

I. Arduino Kit Contents

To start off, there are a number of different components included in your kit. They include:

1: Arduino Uno
The Uno is a microcontroller used to make almost any small embedded design you can think of. The Arduino is programmed via your computer and a USB cable and runs an infinite loop while power is provided to the board. We will discuss the board in further detail in the next section.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ODC Workshop 1 - Introduction to Arduino

Hi Everyone,

We will be having our first Arduino workshop tonight, Tuesday the 22nd at 7pm in Clark A102. Each team needs to bring cash or check for their kit, a breadboard if you have one, and a fully charged laptop with a dependable internet connection (any type is fine). We will be:

                - distributing kits
                - going over the contents of the kits
                - introducing the Arduino Uno in detail
                - getting the Arduino connected and interfaced with your computer
                - running two short, simple demos on your Arduino

This is a very important workshop so make sure to have at least one of your team members there to buy your kit and get started. If you can't make it, the workshop will be posted online later this week.


Cameron Bloom

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome to the Start of the Competition!

Emails have been sent out regarding our first workshops and competition details. Please let me know if you haven't gotten an email with that information and I will send it to you. 


IEEE President

Monday, October 7, 2013

Arduino Kit Contents

To participate in the Open Design Competition workshops, you'll need a kit.  The kit contains everything you need for the workshops and to get you started on your team's project. Below is a list of components found in your Arduino Kit. PSoC kit contents will be coming soon.

In the kit you'll find:
- An Arduino Uno    
- A servo motor
- A DC motor
- LED's
- A temperature sensor
- Resistors
- A Diode
- A Transistor
- A USB cable (for your Ardunio)

The kit costs $35 and by registering with your kit selection as Ardunio, you will place your order. Kits will be picked up and paid for at our first workshop (the week of the 14th, details coming soon.)