Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Workshop 5

Hi folks,

Tomorrow (Wednesday the 6th) is our last workshop.  It will be at 7pm in Clark A202.  Please bring everything in your kit, a breadboard, and snag a 15 Ohm resistor (if you borrow it from the ECE labs, be sure to return it).

We are focusing on the design process, ie - how to go from idea to finished project.  A lot of folks don't know what they are making yet, or don't know how to make what they've come up with.  We'll go over this as well as how to improve your designs to their highest potential.

We will be going over the rules of the competition again in more depth at the beginning.  I will write a document in the next few days with the rubric and hard-set rules and send it to you.  I will also work on getting this and other workshops up on youTube this weekend.