Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Workshop 4

Hi folks,

Workshop 4 will be Wednesday, January 30th at 7pm in Clark A 202.  We will be focusing on hacking.  If you haven't already picked one up, please find a PS/2 mouse to tear apart.  These are the ones that use the green, round connectors and NOT USB.  Check your old electronics boxes, thrift shops, grandma's house, ect.  If you have trouble finding one, I picked up a few extras that you can purchase from me for $5 cash.  Please email me if you want to buy one - first come, first serve.

If you still haven't picked up your servo, you can pick it up during this workshop.  If you have time conflicts, feel free to email me to set up a time/place to pick it up.

I will try to get Workshop 3 online soon.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MiniDC and Workshop 3 Time/Place

Hey folks,

We will be starting the judging for the MiniDC at 6:30pm tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan 23) in Clark C142.  If you need an extension cord to power your project, please bring one.  After we get through the judging, we will jump right into the third workshop on motors, solenoids, and motor control. Please bring a fully charged laptop, everything in your kit, and your servo. If you haven't picked up your servo yet, those will be available for pickup as well.

I plan on ordering pizza putting up a movie during judging, so if you don't have a project, you should still come in, get a slice, and check out other folks' mini projects.  There will also be door prizes for the folks that show up before the workshop.

See you there!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Workshop 3 and MiniDC

Hey folks!  

The MiniDC and next workshop will be this upcoming Wednesday (the 23rd) at 7pm.  I'll get the room to you when I have it (still waiting on room confirmation), but it will likely be in one of the Clark classrooms.

If your MiniDC project needs an external power source (ie needs to be plugged in), it would be smart to bring an extension cord if you have one. If you are unable to make it but have a project to submit, make a video of you explaining and demonstrating your project and send it to me.  We will be awarding a Raspberry Pi and 3D printed prizes for the best projects.

The workshop will focus on motors and motor control as well as how to work with solenoids.  I had planned on doing a servo workshop and posting it online over break, but I decided against it.  Servos are very simple things to work with and I thought it would be better to show you guys everything in person and be able to answer questions than to put an ambiguous video online.

As always, email me with any questions.