Judging and Prizes

*Note, some specifics might change depending on sponsorships and other factors

The competition will be judged on 3 main categories on a scale sliding scale.
        1) Originality and Creativity in Concept and Design
        2) Functionality and Demonstration of the Device
        3) Programming and Technical Skill of Design

Something to be noted here:  Simplicity is valued in the engineering world far more than complexity.The goal of the last category is to get you to think about the best way to solve a problem, not the most technically impressive. You will not gain extra points because you found an extremely difficult way to solve a simple problem.

There are a few smaller bonus categories graded on things such as team size, the presentation of your project, how well it was constructed, and a few others.

Points will be deducted for going over budget or any unsportsmanlike conduct.

You will be instantly disqualified for:
        Plagiarism (the use of intellectual property without permission or citation)
        Falsely reporting your budget
        Using a micro-controller other than the officially supported as your primary control board
        Malicious sabotage of a peer's project

The judging will be done by local industry representatives, professors, and possibly graduate students.  None of the judging will be performed by people participating or organizing the competition.

We are still in the process of getting prizes and prize money for the competition and cannot yet list them here.