Winter Design Competition


We want to run a fun, low-stakes competition over Winter Break to gain experience with the electronics and have some fun! Additionally, if you win one of the prizes listed below and use it in the Open Design Competition, you don't have to count it in your budget! 


Zombies are coming and the only thing that stands between their shambling awfulness and your cozy hideaway is you and your kit! Build something that will help you survive! 

When and Where

February 4th, 2015,7:00PM Room TBA


1st place: Raspberry Pi

2nd place: Sparkfun "Magician" Robot Chassis

3rd place: USB Host Shield

Mystery Prize for the most useful project in Zombie Apocalypse!


  • Use only parts in the kit. Parts list can be found Here.
  • Extra resistors, capacitors, and non-electric components are fine
    • For example, you can make a chassis for a rover, but you can only use one DC motor to power it (Well how does that work for a rover? you ask. Maybe use the servo to steer... ;) )
    • You are allowed to use the same type of component from a source different than the one(s) specified in the document, e.g., a potentiometer from Newark as opposed to the one from Sparkfun. 
    • You're also allowed to hack something apart to modify it with the electric components in the kit, as long as the components in it don't violate Rule 1. 
      • For example, you could make an autonomous Nerf gun turret, but if the gun already has a DC motor in it (Like a lot of flywheel guns do), you can still only use a total of ONE DC motor. 
    • For LEDs, you can use any colors you have as long as there are only three normal LEDs and one RGB LED in your project.
    • Batteries other than 9V are fine, BUT the only battery clips that can be used are the 9V battery clips without the power wart included in the kit. All power sources must be wired to the Vin pin as opposed to the power wart.
  • If you are unsure, ask! We can be reached at 


The judging rubric can be found here:

A clarification for the adherence to the prompt category, you cannot get a score of 3 or 4. Either you followed the no-extra-parts and prompt, or you didn't.

This competition is about creativity within a set of guidelines. From what we've seen from the workshops, you guys are more than capable of making some amazing things! If you need technical help or help thinking of an idea, we are ready and happy to assist! Just shoot us an email. 

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