Sunday, October 23, 2011

Registration for the 2nd Annual CSU IEEE Open Design Competition

Alright folks, we go into another exciting year.  We are opening up registration for the design competition today and will run until November 6th.  You will need to do two main things to sign up.

1) Register here:

2) Purchase your kit at the first workshop (to be announced). This year, we can accept both cash and checks. Money from our sponsors is helping to pay for a great deal of the cost of components and is saving you roughly $45 over the retail cost.  What we do ask you to pay goes directly into the cost of components.

The workshop lineup this year is changing significantly from what we did last year and there might be some minor changes to the rules from last year.  Much of this site is left over from last year's competition, so a few bits and pieces might change from time to time. Check back frequently for up-to-date information and events.

Also, make sure to "like" the design competition page on Facebook for up-to-date info in a convenient place:

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