Monday, November 28, 2011

Workshop 2 - Analog Components and Digital I/O

Hey folks,

Tomorrow's workshop will be in Clark A 202 at 7pm.  Make sure to bring your kits.  I will try to get either a quick document or video put together to go over the basics of the circuit theory so that everyone is on the same page and the workshop will go more smoothly.  While the circuit theory is pretty simple, the applications might be a little bit alien to some of the electrical engineers, so I recommend reading/watching whatever I post (if just for the review).


My Aunt from Boston flew in and no one told me, so I wasn't able to take the time to make the video or the cheat sheet.  What you need to know boils down to this:

The super basic circuit theory stuff:  Ohm's law, resistors in series and in parallel.

The equation/setup for a voltage divider:
You will need this concept for many sensor circuits to work. This is because the resistance of many sensors changes as what ever they are measuring changes.  Photoresistors, for example, will have a much lower resistance in bright light than in the dark.  By using a voltage divider correctly, you can measure the voltage across it and figure out just how bright a light is (or how hot, how loud, how wet, how fast, ect).

Grounding a digital input pin (scroll down to the inputs section):  This is VERY important, so look this one over.

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