Saturday, March 24, 2012

Design Competition Entries

Hi folks,

This year has been a busy year for a lot of folks, and we've had a few teams drop out.  While we have enough people to do a final competition event, we don't have enough people to award cash prizes as it might appear as a conflict of interest and get me in hot water.  Instead, we will have trophies and pizza (although, you'll get pizza whether you win or not, lol).

If you plan on attending, I will need a really simple report of your project by Sunday, April 1st as a PDF.  It needs to include your BOM with total costs, a bibliography if you used anyone's code/schematics/mechanical designs, your code, and a description of your project and how it works.  It doesn't need to be anything overly extensive or fancy.  Email it to me at

The competition date is being decided by a few folks that have kept up on their emails.  It will likely be between April 4th and April 11th.

I need to stress that you do not need a fully functioning prototype to participate.  The way the competition is judged takes functionality only as a small consideration.  Please come and show off your ideas, the snags you hit, and eat some pizza with us.

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