Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kits! Get your kits!

To participate in the Open Design Competition, you will need a kit.  The kit contains everything you need for the workshops and to get you started on your team's project.  Make sure your team is registered before ordering a kit.

In the kit you'll find:
- An Arduino      (a microcontroller, like a mini-computer)
- A servo motor      (robots anyone?)
- A DC motor      (go go Speed Racer!)
- LED's     (a must)
- A temperature sensor      (bring on the heat!)
- Resistors     (not so futile)
- Diodes     (make the world go direction)
- Transistors    (yeah, we go there)
- A USB cable and other goodies

The kit costs $35.  You can order it using the link below.  After registration closes, we will order the kits and they will be ready for pick up during the first workshop.


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