Tuesday, December 10, 2013

IEEE Winter Design Competition!

Don't have anything to do over the four long weeks of winter break? Enter the Winter Design Competition!

The Winter Design Competition is almost exactly like the Open Design Competition except for a few small differences:

       - It runs from now until January 28th (The tentative date of the ODC Workshop 5).
       - It has a prompt.
       - No need to sign up.

The prompt of the competition is simple - make something that can teach someone math. It doesn't matter what shape, size, or method it takes, just make it teach math and that's it!

The project will be judged by our officers using the official rubric for the final Open Design Competition and there will be prizes for the winner and runner up! (Official rubric attached in a forthcoming email.)

First Prize: A Raspberry Pi (literally a computer the size of a credit card) and 20 bonus points towards your final Open Design Competition score in March!

Second Prize: A $20 Gift Card to Sparkfun and 10 points towards the Open Design Competition!

This is a great opportunity to stay fresh over break and sharpen your design skills for the competition. Not only that, but you might win an awesome prize and get a leg up on the competition in March!

Good luck!


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