Friday, March 14, 2014

The IEEE Open Design Competition: Everything You Need to Know

What is it?

The Open Design Competition is a free form competition where anyone can compete with a completely unique project of their choosing. These can be anything - games, tools, fun projects, serious projects - the options are endless. Projects are demonstrated to a team of judges that include industry, faculty, and graduate students.

When and where:

April 5th (Saturday), 10am
Cherokee Park Ballroom, Lory Student Center

Project Requirements:
1) Something interesting to you.
2) Costs less than $200.

That's it! The competition is completely free form - make what you want. It doesn't even have to be working - if your project isn't functional but you can explain what's wrong with it you'll get nearly as many points as someone's project that is working.

How can I learn more?
Head over the the Open Design Competition Blog for additional details.

Where do I sign up?
When you're ready, register here! Registration closes at midnight Friday, March 28th.

Thanks to our sponsors Wolf Robotics and the IEEE High Plains Section for making this all possible!

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