Thursday, November 18, 2010

Info Meetings

There are two info meetings.  Your team must attend one of them.  If you do not attend, we cannot order your team an Arduino, components, and supplies you will need for the competition and workshops.

Meeting times and places:
Thursday, November 18th @ 6pm in Clark A202
Friday, November 19th @ 6pm in Clark A202

Entry fee:
Please bring your team's $15 entry fee to help us pay for components ($7 if you already own an Arduino) to one of the info meetings. We can accept cash and checks written to "Eta Kappa Nu".

If your cannot make a meeting or the fees, please contact me at electricityandairwaves (at)

If you would like to purchase a breadboard and jumper kit (which you WILL need), they will be available for $30 (cash only) at the meetings, workshops, and project nights.

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