Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The first two workshops are going to be

Wednesday, December 1st at 6pm in Clark A205
Wednesday, December 8th at 6pm in Clark A205

In the first workshop, we're going to be making a high-low game with LEDs a switches.  It's a crash course on programming and an intro to basic circuits. This will also be where you pick up your Arduino and components kit.

The second workshop is going to cover analog circuits, designs, and sensors.  I'm still designing the project.

You will need your laptop (please charge before coming), your breadboard w/ jumpers, and a notepad if you want to take notes.  I'll try to bring an extension cord and a power strip for anyone who needs to plug in their laptop.

If you do not have a laptop available, please contact me (you all have my email) and I can lend one out during the workshops. Make sure to bring a flash drive to save your files onto.

I will have the workshop project posted on Instructables.com for future reference as well - the link can be found on the resources site (when available).

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