Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Workshop

The first workshop will be Wednesday, November 14th at 7pm in Engr 100.

Please bring a fully charged laptop if you have one.  You will need to install the software and drivers found here:

The agenda for the workshop:
  • General business
  • Get everyone their kits
  • Talk about the Arduino and its capabilities
  • Go over current limiting and diode circuits
  • Go over noiseless button circuits
  • Go over Arduino programming basics
  • Make our first mini project!!!!
It will take approximately an hour and a half, so get there a few minutes early so we can start on time.  If you have a test, class, or other conflict, we will be recording the workshop and putting it online on our resources page under the "Workshops!" tab.  You can find the resources page by clicking on the link on the left hand banner.

The next workshop will be Wednesday, November 28th at 7pm.  The room is TBA.

See you there!

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