Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Workshop 2

Hi folks,

Workshop 2 will be in Clark A201 starting at 7pm tonight (Wednesday November, 28).  Make sure you bring a fully charged laptop and your kit.

We will have breadboards for sale and will be handing out the servos that are a part of your kit.  If you haven't picked up your kit yet, we will have that available for you.

The mini-project for this workshop is the Pirate Security System.  We will go over analog to digital voltage converters, voltage division, and serial connections as well as the serial monitor.

We will also talk about the first Mini Design Competition (MiniDC) that takes place over Winter Break.


  1. void setup(){
    Serial.begin(9600); //Start serial

    int attempt = 0; //The attempt
    char password[3] = {'a','c','b'}; //The password to get booty (oo la la)
    char passAttempt[3]; //The user's power attempt

    void loop(){
    int voltage = analogRead(0); //get the analog voltage

    if (voltage > 100){ //check to see if stylus is touching
    passAttempt[attempt] = voltToChar(voltage); //get character for pass
    attempt++;//scale attempt by one
    Serial.println(voltToChar(voltage)); //see what is happening

    if (attempt == 3){
    attempt = 0; //set attempt attempt to zeros
    if (passAttempt[0] == password[0] &&
    passAttempt[1] == password[1] &&
    passAttempt[2] == password[2]){ //see if passwords mach

    Serial.println("Arr matey! Ye may enter and claim yer booty!"); //password correct
    else Serial.println("None may enter here! Get yer booty somewhere else!"); //Password incorrect
    while(analogRead(0) > 100){} //Wait for user to take off stylus
    delay(50); //short delay for debounce


    char voltToChar(int voltage){
    if (voltage > 450)
    return 'a';
    else if (voltage > 300)
    return 'b';
    else return 'c';


  2. Hey Austin, what was the code that we used to read the voltage initially to determine the ranges for the code above?

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